Bosch, Tübinger Str. 123 / Reutlingen, Germany / Bikesafe 885

At the beginning of October 2020, a fully automatic WÖHR Bikesafe was completed for employees at the Reutlingen site. Transport Minister for Baden-Württemberg, Winfried Hermann (The Greens), also came to the inauguration of the state-funded project.

Client: Robert Bosch GmbH
Bicycle parking garage: WÖHR Bikesafe 885 Tower-16-122-8-83

122 bikes on an area of just 54 square metres

“Anyone who wants to encourage employees to come to work by bicycle or e-bike must also offer adequate parking space for often very high-quality bicycles,” explains Ferhan Niepelt, Head of Marketing & Sales Bikesafe at WÖHR. “Thus, we have been commissioned to build a WÖHR Bikesafe with 122 parking spaces on eight levels on the company premises”.
Fully automatic storage

With a WÖHR Bikesafe, the bike is handed over to a transfer area and then stored fully automatically in a multi-storey, closed tower. Owners simply push their bike into a wheel rail at the transfer area. There sensors check whether it can be stored, based on weight and dimension. In the Reutlingen version, bicycles with a handlebar width of up to 83 cm can be stored. Authorization takes place via the employee ID. The bike is then transported by a robot arm to a free storage space on one of the eight levels. “Parking out” is also easy: The waiting time until a stored bicycle is handed over is only  approx. 16 seconds.

The facade of the cylindrical WÖHR Bikesafe was designed in a basic grey colour with coloured accent panels in the customer’s corporate design. Ferhan Niepelt: “Every Bikesafe facade can be adapted to customer wishes. Wood, steel, glass, and even green facades are possible”.

Product specifications:

  • WÖHR Bikesafe 885 Tower
  • 8 Parking levels - 122 parking spaces
  • 1 Transfer cabin
  • High-quality control panel in Siedle design
  • Access control with employee ID card
  • Call button connection with gate
  • Bicycle length 1,500-2,000 mm
  • Bicycle height up to a maximum of 1250 mm
  • Handlebar width up to a maximum of 830 mm
  • Tyre width up to a maximum of 80 mm
  • Individual facade design according to customers Corporate Design
  • Transparency with a glass element
  • Overall footprint approx. 55 m²
  • Digital user video in German and English

Project plans