1 Bruce Street, Box Hill / Melbourne, Australia / Parklift 440

64 in car stackers

The Parklift 440 model is one of the most popular car stackers in Australia. It is a simple, robust and cost effective solution which provides an easy way to double conventional parking using pits. This apartment project in Melbourne’s suburban Box Hill has the entire lower ground level devoted to this stacker system with various sizes provided. The result is a convenient and easily accessible single level car parking area with a total capacity of 64 cars. Users are allocated a permanent parking space where the dimensions and weight of their car must fit within the equipment parameters.  The Parklift 440 is a popular model and there are a wide variety of system heights, widths and weights available to suit various applications.

Both single and double platform widths are available in a variety of widths ranging from 2.2m up to 5.4m. For safety we recommend that access is restricted to the front and any exposed sides or rear areas are enclosed by walls or fences. These systems are very simple to operate and are extremely reliable. They are manufactured in Germany by Wöhr who are world leaders in car parking equipment technology.