126 Chapel Street, St Kilda / Melbourne, Australia / Parklift 402

40 Car spaces

In this project in St Kilda the level of the ground floor car park had to be raised to accommodate flood level requirements. The implications of this were that the building height would also be raised hence the lowest possible ceiling height above the car park without compromising the car parking amenity was required. The Parklift 402 proved to be an ideal solution. The Parklift 402 model is a dual level car stacker which is recommended for use in limited headroom applications. When in the lowered position the platforms are level but they gently tilt backwards when raised. This mechanism saves around 200-300mm compared to a level platform stacker alternative.

Users are allocated a permanent parking space and the dimensions and weight of their car must fit within the equipment specification parameters. Both single and double platform widths are available in a variety of widths ranging from 2.3m up to 5m. For safety we recommend that access is restricted to the front and any exposed sides or rear areas are enclosed by walls or fences. These systems are very simple to operate and are extremely reliable. They are manufactured in Germany by Wöhr who are world leaders in car parking equipment technology.