Emporia Apartments / Melbourne, Australia / Combilift 551/552 & 543/552

95 car parking spaces over 3 levels.

The Emporia Apartments project is one of Prahran’s largest recent developments conveniently located close to Chapel Street and Prahran Markets. Car parking is provided over 3 levels with entrance from Grattan Street. When Wöhr first became involved in the project all parking was conventional on-grade spaces over several basement levels. To achieve the required number of parking spaces, the excavation required was well below the water table. In conjunction with Idle Architecture Studio an alternative car parking scheme was devised using several carefully located car stacker systems. The result was a reduction in the required excavation depth by two levels which not only solved the water table problem but also significantly reduced construction costs.

Wöhr Combilift systems provide all independent car parking over 2 or 3 levels.  System users are allocated a parking platform and can be provided with both key and remote control access.  Remote controls enable convenient access to the parking platforms without getting out of the car. Each system has a single empty space which enables the automatic “shuffling” of car platforms to achieve quick and easy access. In most cases the user’s platform will be made available in less than 1 minute. For safety, each system is fully enclosed so that entry is only possible once the equipment has ceased operation. Further operation is not possible until the driver and passenger have exited the system and the gates have been closed and locked. Combilift systems provide highly compact and efficient vehicle storage at minimal cost. They are manufactured by Wöhr in Germany to exacting European standards.