Art Apartments 118-126 High Street, Prahran / Melbourne, Australia / Combilift 551

26 Car spaces

The Combilift 551 Comfort (see diagram below) above ground system was chosen for Art Apartments and provides parking for cars up to a maximum of 2 metres high within an overall clear headroom of only 4.3 metres. Each parking space is independently accessible and there are no pits. The system users are allocated a parking platform and provided with key access via a digital control panel. For safety there is an optic sensor light beam across the entrance to each bay since there are no gates or doors. The system will not operate if this light beam is broken.

Each system has a single empty space which enables the automatic “shuffling” of car platforms to achieve quick and easy access. In most cases the user’s platform will be made available in less than 1 minute. Combilift systems provide highly compact and efficient vehicle storage at minimal cost. They are manufactured by Wöhr in Germany to exacting European standards.