17 Ellesmere Road, Windsor / Melbourne, Australia / Combilift 543/552

23 independent car spaces were required in a half basement area, 13 metres wide and accessed by a ramp from Ellesmere Road. A second basement level would have been required if conventional parking was used.

The Combilift 543/552 is a tandem system and consists of 2 rows as shown in the below diagram.  The rear system (Combilift 543) has 3 levels with a pit below ground level. The front system (Combilift 552) has 2 levels above ground. This type of “drive-through” arrangement provides a maximum car parking yield whilst occupying minimal space and is ideal for narrow site applications. The users of this system are allocated a parking platform and provided with both key and remote control access. The remote controls enable convenient access to the parking platforms without getting out of the car. Each system has a single empty space which enables the automatic “shuffling” of car platforms to achieve quick and easy access. In most cases the user’s platform will be made available in less than 1 minute. If the user’s allocated space is in the rear system the empty space is presented in front so there is no chance to drive on to the incorrect platform.

For safety each system is fully enclosed with automatic sliding gates so that entry is only possible once the equipment has ceased operation. Further operation is not possible until the driver and passenger have exited the system and the gates have been closed and locked. The gates provide another level of security for the car stacker users. Even if unauthorized entry into the car park area is achieved it is not possible to access any cars in the stacker system without a system key or remote control. Combilift systems provide highly compact and efficient vehicle storage at minimal cost. They are manufactured by Wöhr in Germany to exacting European standards.