4-7 Shakespeare Grove, St Kilda / Melbourne, Australia / Combilift 542 & Wöhr Sliding Platform 501

25 Car Spaces

Opposite St Kilda’s iconic Luna Park, the project was originally a multi-level office block with on site parking in a conventional single level basement. The decision was made to convert this into a combination of retail and apartments with significantly increased car parking capacity but there was no additional space available. This was an unusual challenge which was solved by the Architect and Wöhr.

The original basement car park accommodated only 12 cars. To achieve the new parking requirement (25 cars), a combination of Combilift 542 (2 level stacker systems) and 501 (Sliding Platforms) were configured.  To provide the second underground level of parking required for the Combilift 542 systems, the existing concrete slab was cut and a pit excavated. The result is the desired 25 car spaces with each platform allocated to an apartment or retail outlet. Each Combilift 542 space can be accessed by remote control and is enclosed by automatic sliding gates for safety and security.

Each system has a single empty space which enables the automatic “shuffling” of car platforms to achieve quick and easy access. In most cases the user’s platform will be made available in less than 1 minute. Combilift systems provide highly compact and efficient vehicle storage at minimal cost. They are available in systems with either 2 or 3 levels and are manufactured by Wöhr in Germany to exacting European standards.