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Kiryat Motzkin / Kiryat Motzkin, Israel / PARKLIFT 440/405

For a new skyscraper complex in Kiryat Motzkin, an exclusive residential area north of Haifa, the specialist in parking solutions WÖHR from Friolzheim delivered and installed mechanical parking lifts for a total of 178 car parking spaces.

Kiryat Motzkin is located at the Mediterranean coast north of Haifa. At Ofra Haza Street, a new residential district is currently being built with high-rise buildings featuring upscale fittings. It is intended that, in particular, young couples and families from the bustling, economically strong conurbation around Haifa should live here. For this extremely mobile target group, appropriate parking space had to be created, naturally taking into account the high building density prevailing in Israel.


Manual WÖHR parking lifts expand the parking space

A modern parking garage was integrated into the impressive building ensemble. In addition to the conventional parking spaces, now there are also 47 mechanical parking lifts from WÖHR in Friolzheim, the global leader in parking space consolidation. Where only 89 cars could be parked in a traditional way, there are now 178 car parking spaces available on two parking levels. Thereby the WÖHR Parklift 440 was mainly used as single or double system with platform widths of between 260 and 540 cm. In the places where a lower installation height was required for structural reasons, it was decided to use two parking lifts of the model series 405. With this model, the entrance to the lower level is at a gradient of 14 percent. The slope reduces the installation height considerable again compared to model 440. Thanks to a maximal platform load of 2,000 kg, WÖHR parking lifts hoist even heavy SUVs upward without any problems. The platforms are raised and lowered manually by the user, authorised by an ordinary key.


Product specifications:

  • 1x Parklift 405 E 2.0
  • 1x Parklift 405 D 2.0
  • 8x Parklift 44 E 2.0
  • 39x Parklift 440 D 2.0
  • A total of 178 parking spaces
  • Vehicle heights 200 cm
  • Platform widths single system up to 270 cm
  • Platform widths double system up to 540 cm
  • Vehicle weight 2.0 t