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New Variable Parking-Space Concept for the Mobility of the Future with Maximum Land Conservation

With the newly developed Combiparker 560 WÖHR is introducing a revolutionary parking room concept. The new system is one of the most versatile and variable parking room solutions in the world and thus offers developers the opportunity to conserve land to the maximum.

The Combiparker 560 provides up to 5 parking levels which can be designed with complete flexibility with 4 levels up or 4 levels down from the entrance level. The special feature of the new Combiparker 560 is that with a standard underground car park floor height of 2.50 m, up to 4 levels below may be made accessible.

Three platform widths, eight available vehicle heights, a platform bearing capacity up to a maximum of 3 tons, and from 2 to 10 grids side by side offer unprecedented flexibility of up to 750 variants for the design of your parking solution.

With this new offering, the well-established WÖHR systems Combilift 542 and 543 are extended and, with up to 5 parking levels, provide another two or three additional parking levels without increasing the use of space.

Naturally, all parking spaces can be equipped with charging stations for electric vehicles.


  • Two movement axes (horizontal and vertical)
  • 3 to 5 levels one above the other
  • Options of vehicle heights of 1.75 to 2.10 m and 5 metres apart
  • 2 to a maximum of 10 grids side by side
  • In front of every grid an electric sliding door, opening automatically
  • Parking space widths of the platforms of 2.50 m, 2.60 m, or 2.70 m
  • Platform bearing capacity of 2.0 tons, 2.6 tons, or 3.0 tons
  • Operation via RFID chip, remote control, or via the smart-parking-app
  • Parking spaces are horizontally accessible and equipped with Smart Profile 2.0 as standard, optionally with Classic Profile
  • All parking spaces can be equipped with charging stations for electric vehicles

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