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Our Team

Across all CarCram companies, we can now say we offer the greatest experience with car storage and parking systems in our markets. Each member of our team has at least 10 years of experience with parking systems. Under CarCram, we have all signed on to our new “One Touch” strategy to problem solving and will deliver the support our market has always wanted. We will stay small in order to offer the very best experience for our clients. But we will remain tenacious in all things we do.

The Parklift range is one of our mechanical parking systems. Here, cars are stacked on two or three parking levels above each other. Single units are for two cars each, double units are for four or six parking places each. Additionally, parking spaces made available using mechanical parking platforms and turntables by WÖHR- which can be rotated or slided longitudinal.

By stacking and moving closer together, semi-automatic parking solutions, such as Combilift and Combiparker, enable parking places for up to 31 multi-sized vehicles per parking place to be set up in one parking system. Slimparker and Crossparker operate on the same principle. These systems are located underground, leaving the driveway at the surface free for vehicles.

Fully automatic parking systems make possible up-to-date problem solutions and compact parking in dense city centres. In fully automatic systems, such as the Levelparker, Parksafe and Multiparker the "Parking place comes to the driver" - no need then to go looking for the car. The transfer areas make it easy to get in and out and save the user the trouble of undertaking complex manoeuvring. A vertical lift transfers the cars on parking platforms into the rack system. As such, they are securely parked and remain untouched. Automated parking solutions permit several hundred vehicles to be parked in towers or high-rack systems on different parking levels.

The automatic Bikesafe parking system stores bikes and E-bikes both securely and compactly in a tower, shaft or mix version. All Stackparkers and Liftparkers can be used in single, pre-fabricated, underground and surface garages as well as in garage systems.

Popular Products

Latest Projects

Chapultepec Uno

Mexico City challenges daily life: air pollution, light pollution, earthquakes, congested streets, plus the sheer size of the 22-million-strong metropolis. Housing and parking spaces are lacking. The new Chapultepec Uno tower houses offices, flats and rooms of the high-end hotel brand Ritz Carlton. The luxury building marks the border between megacity and oasis of calm.

Les Deux, Taubertstraße

LES DEUX Taubertstraße / Berlin, GERMANY / Combilift 542 543 "Les Deux" luxury villas in Berlin - 18 comfortable parking spaces on Combilifts 542 and 543. In the new construction of two villas in the classicist style in Berlin's Grunewald area, the residents park in the space saving Combilift.

Domain House, South Melbourne

Domain House is a masterful design statement in one of Melbourne’s most prized domains. Over 19 levels, the building’s architecture has been considered to optimise natural light, views and proportions for a diverse selection of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom residences that will be amongst the city’s finest. The building includes a series of high-end, shared spaces for upscale entertaining and wellbeing.